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How do I know if my activities qualify as SR&ED?

Any activity performed in your company that meets the three criteria outlined in the tab « SR&ED Program » is eligible. Feel free to contact us so we can help you determine more precisely if the activities you performed in your company you would enable you to benefit from this program.

Is this program intended for my business? We only undertake small development projects.

Many potential claimants feel they are not eligible for SR&ED program because their projects are not large or they do not perform their activities in a laboratory. You should know that any project meeting the three criteria can be included in your claim. This therefore includes the experimental development activities in a factory. Any improvement, even if slight, of a product or process may qualify for tax credits. In addition, current engineering projects can also become eligible from the time the knowledge and know-how of the technical team are no longer sufficient to complete the project.

Our development project has not yielded satisfactory results and was abandoned, is it still possible to claim?

The result of a project is not an eligibility criterion for the SR&ED program. In fact, the failure of a project can even show that it included technological obstacles and the team had to overcome their knowledge by following an experimental approach.

Do I have to disclose my R&D secrets?

To make your claim, we must collect enough information to be able to describe the experimental approach taken by your team. You do not have to disclose exactly what your company secrets as long as we have enough data to be able to explain the eligibility of your project.

In addition, our team meets the strictest confidentiality regarding any information you share with us.

Will I have to repay the amounts paid to me under this program?

This program is a tax incentive for claimants to obtain tax credits for expenditures incurred and recorded in respect of SR&ED projects. This is not a grant or a loan. When you get your refund, you can use the money that was paid in the manner you want, and you never have to return it.

What is the amount of SR&ED tax credits that you could help me recover?

The amount you can recover depends on many parameters. For a rough estimate of this amount, you can use our online calculator. However, due to the presence of many exceptions and characteristics in the tax laws, the advice of a counsellor who specializes in SR&ED will give you a more accurate estimate.

Will there any government audits? How do you manage them? This seems long and complicated.

The government conducts regular audits. In this case, we will accompany you throughout the process, at no additional cost. This program provides you the tax credits for SR&ED that you are entitled to; it’s worth the effort, especially as the recovered amounts can be significant. Our team will work to minimize the time you must invest in building your claim. In addition, they will provide you with customized tools to compile data in order to simplify the process of documentation and preparation of the claims.

Why call you when we already do our claims in-house or we already have a consultant?

Our methods to maximize the tax credits are approved without increasing the risk of audit. Our in-depth knowledge of the SR&ED and our extensive technical expertise allow us to identify certain activities that usually go unnoticed. Feel free to contact us to assess the additional amounts that we can help you save.

Can’t my accountant do that himself?

To build a tax credits claim for SR&ED, the technological aspects of the project must be fully understood. Our team, consisting of both accountants and engineers in all fields of engineering (chemical, mechanical, industrial, electrical, etc..), is an expert in writing, analyzing and describing scientific and technical projects, and will help you present the arguments that demonstrate the eligibility of SR&ED projects. In addition, we will assist you if a technical or financial audit by the government happened.

What is the cost of your services?

Companies generally prefer to pay our fees as a percentage of the refunded credits, which offers the advantage of sharing the risk without affecting the cash flow of the company.

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