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We are pleased to present you Inovex Conseils and a brief description of our services

Inovex Conseils is a highly-skilled professionals firm that, over the years, has developed a leading-edge expertise in the preparation of tax credits claims for SR&ED. Inovex is also a member of the APFF (Tax and Financial Planning Association).
Our team is a group of experienced engineering and finance professionals, experts in technical report writing and planning of SR&ED tax credits claims.

Tax credits are an important leverage in the development of a business. You may be eligible for this government program that allows large companies and small businesses to recover up to 80% of the costs incurred for their SR&ED.

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We are pleased to introduce our company and a brief description of Inovex Conseils Inc., a professional firm that has developed a leading-edge expertise in tax credits claim for SR&ED.
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